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Driving home on a scenic road: Bangalore to Coimbatore

It’s always a joy to drive home and if the road leading is filled with scenic beauty your up for a double treat. Such is this route Bangalore to Coimbatore passing through Kanakapura , Malavalli , Kollegal , Chamarajanagar , Hasanur & Sathyamangalam.

I prefer this route over the Highway as its more refined and leisure (expect for Dhimbham ghat section).  Few picture for you






Enough of red !!




If your still not amused, with in few kms you can reach Shivanasamudra falls.





Now its time for Elephants, Karnataka – Tamil Nadu boarder Hasanur






If its your lucky day you would be chased by an elephant with your annoying camera shutter bust



Dhimbham ghat section which is known for huge traffic jam due to truck break downs.







Bannari Amman Temple
Bannari Amman Temple

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  1. Fabulous pictures. I agree with you. This route is quite scenic compared to the Hosur-Krishnagiri-Thoppur-Bhavani-Avinashi-Coimbatore highway route.

  2. Marvellous photos. You’re lucky to come across elephants and other wild animals during your journey. It is as if I travelled along with you on this route. Great job.

  3. Very nice. Is the route quite safe for a bike ride?

    • Sathiyendran

      Yes Raj its safe. There is restriction for Bike post 6 PM till morning 6 AM at Dhimbham ghat section. So they will stop you either at Hasanur / Dhimbham if your coming from Chamrajnagar and at Bannari if your coming from Sathyamangalam.

  4. Hi Sathyendran. Loved ur photos. I am planning a road trip to Sivasamudram falls n planning to drive from Coimbatore. Via Sathy Hasanur Germalan and Kollegal. Want to experience nature on the way
    Have you done this route. Any suggestions n how long will it take to reach Sivasamudram

  5. Hi Sathyendra, how many hours did it take Bangalore to Coimbatore via this route? Maybe splitup break-time and travelling time and road conditions please. Did you travel recently. Thank you in advance. Good info and nice pictures

  6. Hi Sathyendra, very useful info and great pics. How long does it take usually from bangalore to coimbatore via this route – maybe split of travel and stop time. Since you travel this road frequentily, can you tell the parts that have bad road condition. How are the road conditions throught this route?

    • Sathiyendran

      Hi Ranga,
      Thanks, i do travel in this route frequently. It takes around 5 to 6 hrs and around 320 Kms. Right now ( sep 2018) road is in bad shape due to the road extension.

      Road Condition ( as of sep 2018)
      Bangalore – Kanakapura around 60+ Kms is manageable
      Kanakapura – Malavalli – Kollegal – Chamarajanagar around 160 kms is in bad shape.
      Hasanur – Sathyamangalam is good & Sathyamangalam to Coimbatore is excellent

  7. Hi Sathi!

    THIS route is dangerous for bikers? because of elephants?
    can travel in day time with females in bike, is safe?

    pls reply me, your answer is very important & safe for family….

    • Hi Krish
      Its safe a lot of bikes do travel in this route, just be cautious when your traveling between bannari and chamrajnagar. Most importantly dont stop when going through forest. Ghat section between Bannari and Dhimbham is closed for bikes between 6 PM till 6 AM.

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