Saturday, June 15, 2024

    Almost bricked my HP DV6 laptop by cleaning its Cooling Fan

    My workstation HP DV6 is almost 4 years old, all these years it has collected dust almost each bit of it. With the noisy fan, over heated side panel  and occasionally shut down it definitely needs cleanup especially the cooling fan. So started the lazy Sunday Mission “ Clean the Workstation“

    This is not a Guide !! Removing will avoid warranty and might even brick your laptop. i would recommend you to visit near by service center for cleaning and maintenance.

    Before i started i did some search and found out few useful tips to clean.
    Removed the Battery and Back Cover
    Removed the Keypads and unscrewed all the screws inside


    Removed all the screws in back panel
    Removed DVD writer & HardDisk


    Removed RAM, chips and connections


    Removed the Speakers
    Removed motherboard


    Finally i was able to reach the dusty Cooling Fan


    Cooling fan vent was blocked completely with dust, cleaned them carefully.Started cleaned all other parts and started back with the assembly, half the way i realized something went wrong as DVD player was not fitting anymore. Had to dismantle all and start from square one. With all the brainwork i was exhausted and wanted to relax, so grabbed Cadbury’s Silk which my sis Surya gave on her visit. Now with refreshed tech head was able to get it right.


    Now moment of truth. Even after repeated push on power button it was resisting to start. Now i had a gut feeling that i may have bricked the laptop. Instead of making things worse i took a small nap.


    Came back opened up the keyboard and fastened all the flat connection inside the mother board. Hurrah the laptop was back in operation !!


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