Thursday, June 13, 2024

    How i managed to power up Yamaha HTR 2064 again

    With continuous power interruption my living room entertainer Yamaha HTR 2064 stopped powering up. Next thing which i did was to check the fuse however no luck with it. So with lot of disappointment rewired the DTH & Bluray directly to TV.

    After few months had planned to take the AV to service centers. Given that i am a DIY guy wanted to try it one last time so started searching the web Yamaha HTR-2064 turned itself off, won’t power back up and came to know that there Yamaha AV has a protective state. In a event of power issue or any malfunction protective state gets activated and Yamaha would not power up.

    Finding the Combination

    In order to disable the protective state set of combination needs to be pressed.

    If helpful people out there did mention to try Info + Tone Control and then press Power. This did not work for me.

    Pressing the Straight and Power button did the trick which led the Yamaha HTR 2064 to power up into Advanced setting mode. I quickly switched it off and then switched it back again TA DA Yamaha was back in action.


    Press and hold Straight then press Power

    When you have a issue with AV its good to take it to the service center. This method might not work or worse may damage your AV


    1. oh really !!! yes it is working for sure. what i tried as you mentioned receiver having malfunction save mode cause of (-Volt) unit is running with +V and -V great technology they have made (safe mode).
      i did the same now its power on.

      thank you very much …..Sathiyendran!!!




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