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    Bring back Sony BX300 TV to Life DIY replacing LCD TV polarizing Film

    After 7 years in 2015 Sony BX 300 turned into an unwatchable TV set due to its burnt screen. When it was taken to the service center they had asked to change the display which costed around 14,000 Rs. Instead repairing i let it lay down and upgraded to Samsung Smart tv. After few years i tried to swap the display with a Haier tv but that went south.

    On a boring tuesday night stumbled across an email titled “Sony 32″ LCD Display Problem|| screen polarizer Film issue “ which was the exact issue with my TV so i replied back to Ashok Kumar. As we chatted i was enlightened that the problem was due to polarizer Film and that can be replaced. After watching the youtube video my weekend DIY project was scheduled.

    Reached Coimbatore and took Sony BX 300 and started the process.

    Removed the Back panel and then removed the speakers.

    Removed the front frame and removed the steal shield around the Display.

    Removing the burnt polarizer Film

    From one conner i tried to removed the film however it did not come completely. With a sharp blade i started carefully removing small pieces with gentle scoop. This went on for almost 2 hours and now it had adhesive on it.

    I used Colin and Thinner to wipeout the adhesive for stubborn parts i used blade.Glass was clean when i switched on display was bright grey in colour without any picture.

    Polarized film

    Hunt for Polarized film so after 4 hours of search across two location managed to find 32 inch polarized film which costed 450 Rs. Please note that Polarized film comes in 2 versions Front and Back for this fix you would need Front. Polarized film comes with one side adhesive just like mobile screen guard.switch on the TV and make sure you have the Polarized film aligned in the right way else you will not able to see the picture.

    You have to remove plastic and stick the film without any bubble. Once ready if you believe in god pray and start applying, i would strongly recommend an additional help here. I goofed up completely i had large bubbles all over the screen with continuous smoothing it became less visible. Got back all the parts and plugged it. Sony was back in the game.

    DYI Video


    1. I have the same problem with my Sony bravia ex300 32 inch TV. A local TV repair guy said he would charge 6000/- to replace the polarized film. Don’t even bother to ask me how much a Sony service centre quoted!
      I would like to try changing this myself. Where does one purchase poloroud films and what’s the recommended type or brand (I searched online and the choice is confusing)

      • You will get in local electronic spare shop which sells TV spare. You need to get a front side film which will cost around 500 Rs. Make sure you carry it carefully as it can be damaged.

        Any brand should work.

        • Thanks to your post, I have a TV with awesome picture clarity.

          Naveen (96326 03231)
          from Pixelon technology services, Whitefield, changed the film in 20 minutes at a cost of 1800/. Glad I did not try it myself as I have no experience in opening TVs and would have probably damaged it.

        • Myself Jagat Jyoti Das from Kolkata . I am also facing same problem with Sony Bravia 32 Inch LCD.

          1. Can you please let me know details where you have purchased Polarized film in India ?

          My Email no is

    2. Hi
      What is the right DEGREE for Sony 32BX300
      There are 2 kinds of film “0” Deg. and “90” Deg.
      Reg. Yossi

    3. sathiyendra
      pl tell me where i can purchase polarized film sheet in bengaluru. pl tell me whether it is available online.
      i have similar problem.

    4. Hi Sathiyendran,
      Can you please let me know where I can buy polarized sheet in Coimbatore.
      I am having same issue with my Sony TV.

      • You can check Electronics shops around your place in not you can try Sri Krishna Electronics in Mill Rd.

    5. Nice work,Fantastic.
      I have a Sony Bravia 32 in with similar problem.Can anyone tell me where in Bangalore I can get the polarizer film.

      Thanks and Regards


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