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    NOBLE CAUSE – 2014

    Last year, we had identified a child studying her 9th Std .

    We have been in constant touch with the school principal and she was excited to share with us that the girl was the topper (1st) among all classes in 9th Std and now have started her 10th Std special classes as well. She is ready to study and so, it’s time for us to huddle up again for sponsoring her 10th Std School fee.

    The principal of the school also approached us on if we could sponsor one other boy as well who has completed his 10th Std and awaiting his results. Below is the fee structure for 10th & 11th Std.

    For 10th – Rs. 13,640
    For 11th – Rs. 16,258
    Books – Rs. 5,500
    Total = Rs. 35,398

    People who are interested in sponsoring this year pls. email Sathiyendran with their desired sponsor amount. This will help us in calculating the funding and decide on next steps.

    Last date for volunteering and transferring fund : 31st May , 2014


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